Adults Learn-to-Swim (ALTS)

  • Small Classes (maximum 4).
  • Teacher is in the water with the students.
  • For the absolute beginner.


Tips for an enjoyable swim

  • If you're not physically fit, check with a medical doctor before starting a swimming program.
  • Invest in a comfortable pair of goggles that don't leak. Try rubbing some Vaseline around the inside rim of the goggles. It helps prevent water leaking in, and allows you to ease the tightness of the strap.
  • Wet your hair before swimming, apply hair conditioner, and then put on a bathing cap. Your hair will thank you, since chlorine can turn beautiful locks into straw.
  • Vary your stroke. Breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle work on different muscles of the body, and give you a rest from the repetitive movements of just one stroke.
  • Use a kickboard for kicking to strengthen your legs.
  • Use a pull bouy between your legs to work on strengthening your upper body.